Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Jesus: A Man's Man

Whoever cast Daniel Craig as James Bond did the franchise a huge favor. After all, the guy plays Bond like a man. Yeah, he gets beat up. Yeah, he gets bloody. But he’s tough. He can take a punch. He’s forceful. And a Daniel Craig Bond powers himself through the plot on the sheer force of his will. Perhaps the Christian Church USA should stand up and take notice.

They, after all, are still stuck in the Pierce Brosnan era. Think about it. Your average CCUSA Jesus is a Pierce Brosnan Jesus. He looks good. He’s got great hair. He has a quick wit and always just the right thing to say. And he’s got just the right tricks up his sleeve to get him out of a pinch. Do you ever see Brosnan’s Bond beat up and bloody? No. Do you ever see a CCUSA Jesus beat up and bloody? No! (But you sure see him with a wink and twinkle in his eye and smile on his handsome finely-groomed face). Perhaps we could cast Jesus in the sequel to Mama Mia. He could sing his own praise songs.

This is not the Jesus of the Bible. Take a read through the gospel of Mark. You’ll see. You’ll see a man’s man. He’s powerful. (Mark 11:12-14, 20-25) He commands respect. (Mark 1:16-20; Mark 1:27; Mark 15:5) He’s in control. (Mk 6:50) He stands up to and doesn’t run from confrontation. (Mark 2:23-28, Mark 3:22-30; Mark 11:27-33; Mark 14:62) He knows how to take a beating. (Mark 15:19-20) He’s got a firm handle on his mission and purpose and he won’t let anyone set him off track. (Mark 1:15; Mark 8:31-34; Mark 9:30-32; Mark 10:33)

In short, the Jesus of the Bible is a man. A man with a purpose. A man who had put his mind to the job he came to do and let nothing stand in his way ‘till the job was done. That job was your salvation. Thank God in heaven that Jesus is a man. Thank God in heaven that Jesus is not a wus.


  1. I am eternally grateful for this fact! Who would even want a wussy savior anyway? By the way when are you gonna post your sermons past April 19? Am I not looking in the right place?

  2. "Perhaps we could cast Jesus in the sequel to Mama Mia. He could sing his own praise songs."

    Ironically, Jesus WILL be returning for a reunion tour. The time and date is to be determined. Apparently, only the Father knows and He is keeping it under wraps.

  3. I a proud to call Jesus my Lord and to fallow such a man. When I am weak, his strength lifts me up.

  4. Great comments. His directive to "turn the other cheek" gains added perspective when you realize the Man giving the instruction has the capability and prowess to easily retaliate and come out on top, and instead, backs out. Figuratively speaking, of course.