Monday, November 5, 2012

Election Day for those whose Eternal Election is already decided

Tomorrow marks the end of a very tiresome election cycle.  So many adds, so many placards, so many phone calls, so many commercials...

The right to vote is one of our most celebrated American freedoms.  With each election cycle, every day citizens have the power to decide the leaders for the nation and thus the direction of the country.  As great a power as this is, holding it in the hands of the people means that through the course of every election cycle, each candidate and lobby group is competing for the vote of every citizen. 
There was a time when this process involved reason and thoughtful deliberation, yet anymore votes are won and lost by way of slander and smear campaigns, not to mention  out and out lies.  While every American cherishes the right to vote, most people I talk to cannot stand the political ads on our TV and radio and in our mailbox.  By the time Election Day rolls around, it is safe to say that we are feeling "fed up".
One thing that the Christian can't help but notice during the election cycle is the stark contrast between the way business is conducted in the world and the way things are done in the church.  All these attack ads and smear campaigns are evidence that the worldly playbook says "win at all costs".  After all, the end justifies the means.  If you have to break a few rules, tell a few lies it is all okay so long as you come out on top in the end. 
The worldly playbook is built for a worldly kingdom.  Whether Democrats, Republicans, Green Party, or independent, each party fight over the same thing: control of that earthly kingdom.  In this kingdom, government is god and power is salvation.  Christians know better. 
The Lord reveals to us in His Word that government is good and it serves God's purpose of keeping the world in order but it cannot save us.  Christians know that salvation will not be dressed in a navy blue suit and sit in an oval office, rather salvation was stripped bare, beaten and nailed to a cross.
Because our salvation is found in Jesus and because our Kingdom is of heaven and not of earth we are free from the stress and the strain of winning these earthly battles.  While the world sees this election and can think only of all that is to be lost or gained, the Christian understands that that all the world is already passing.  Our desire is not to save or be saved for the world, but to be saved and to save others from the world.  We serve Jesus.  We carry the gospel.  We love our neighbor.
The election still has a few hours to go.  It will be over soon.  I for one, can't wait.  We all will go to the polls and cast our vote but the victor, in the grand scheme of things really won't win much - just 4 short years of service in a limited office over a small nation on an insignificant place called earth.  Ultimately God has all the power and he has given all authority to Jesus.  And Jesus has loved you enough to die for you. 
And so this sets the stage for you and me.  Elections are a small blip on history's timeline.  The work that God has called us to is eternal.  We work for him and we serve him as he saves and preserves us for all time.

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